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These days, most relationships have more distractions than ever in the whole history of man.In the olden days, man's only worry was that of survival.A lot of us are fakers when it comes to our love of sports and being outdoorsy.17. A little belly, gray hairs, even a receding hairline.It reminds us that we all have body issues and that we shouldn't be so insecure or hard on ourselves.Today's leisure and pastimes, and the tools that aid man in this, are aplenty; which only help to create a rift between lovers.They give your girlfriend a lot of room and opportunities for cheating. You are still in this world and you are not an island, separated from what goes on around you.

Find out what prompted her to cheat on you and try to see what the odds are that she will end up in the same problem again. Some justifications for sticking with your cheating fiancé include:• Worry - She is probably just reacting to the fact that she is about to get into marriage• Last flings - it is quite natural to want to do all the dirty deeds right before settling for marriage.• Missing links - Feeling that there are things missing in the relationship may drive women to look for it elsewhere.Usually, it's while we're in the bathroom...long as they aren't rude or nasty. We also like it when you get a little jealous, to a degree.Not in an irrational or psycho way, just a bit to show you're protective and you care.tumblr12. But we like that when it's cleaned up, you go down on us more readily. "Women don't cheat," he told me, when I asked if he was ever worried she was doing the same thing to him. As soon as we're alone in the house — husband leaves for the office, kids go to school, roommate goes out of town — and we have quality free time knowing no one is going to walk in on us, we masturbate.Sometimes we even just do it if you're still in the house if that quality free time is never going to come.