Updating xpe sp1 images to sp2

This document references a Reflection service pack.

Service packs are available to licensed Attachmate customers with current maintenance plans for these products.

updating xpe sp1 images to sp2-90updating xpe sp1 images to sp2-41updating xpe sp1 images to sp2-26

From a previous thread, I had an infinite loop of Windows updates on .The Reflection Administrator's Toolkit features may not work correctly if you are running a version of Reflection that is newer than your Toolkit version.The latest version of Reflection Administrator's Toolkit, ratkit-14.0.7-prod-w32.exe, is available for download from the Download Library.Browse and select the boot_x64in the vboot directory where the default is located. The image file will be processed to open the Win PE image and gather the list of drivers currently in the Win PE image file. If the driver list is blank it indicates that the image file is mounted by another process and must be un-mounted before drivers can be added.You can do this by typing imagex /unmount in the command line.