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The bus was travelling to Luoyang city in Henan province from Chengdu city, the capital of Sichuan province in he southwest.

The injured have been admitted to a hospital and rescue work is underway, it said.

Hebei Province is one of the main wheat-producing areas in China.

Washed by Bohai Sea in the east, it has a coastline of some 500 kilometers.

I was so obsessed by its old charm that I made up my mind to pay a visit someday.

Dating from the 7Th Century and beyond Lower Huayan Monastery is the lower part of the largest Monastery in the City of Datong and home to some 12th century unique historic Buddha's and a similarly unique scriptures Library.

With long history, Shaanxi holds numerous historical and cultural relics.

C.), Shanxi is home to numerous amazing ancient architectures, religious sites and unique sceneries.

Shaanxi Travel Map - Shaanxi is regarded as one of the most important cradles of ancient Chinese civilization.

Its capital city, Xian, is among one of the most ancient capital cities of China and now it is definitely the top tourist destination in Shaanxi, also in China.

The two Chinese characters of the city's name are 太 (tài, "great") and 原 (yuán, "plain"), referring to the location where the Fen River leaves the mountains and enters a relatively flat plain.

Throughout its long history, the city had various names, including Bīngzhōu (并州) (from which the city's abbreviated single-character name Bīng (并) is derived), Jìnyáng (晋阳) and Lóngchéng (龙城).